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Planning Board

Board Functions:

The Planning Board functions are to advise and assist the City in the development of goals and objectives for the future direction and growth of the City of Hamilton including but not limited to the present health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the citizens. The role of the board is to plan for future development of the community to the end that:

  • Infrastructure systems be planned
  • New community centers grow only with adequate highway, utility, health, educational, and recreational facilities
  • The needs of agriculture, industry, and business be recognized for future growth
  • Residential areas provide beneficial surroundings for family life
  • The growth of the community be commensurate with and promote the efficient and economical use of public funds

The Planning Board meets at 6:00 P.M. on the 3rd Monday of the month when a request is made. 


Dan Harmon (chair)
Robin Pruitt (City Council)
Jeff Burrows
Amy Fox
Karen Hughes
Chip Pigman

City Planner:  Matthew Rohrbach

Public Works Clerk:  Stephanie Lewis