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September 23, 2015

A quick word of thanks to the Hamilton Community.

In the last several weeks myself, and the officers of the Hamilton Police Department have received a tremendous amount of cards, letters, e-mail, phone calls and personal contacts from folks who have simply said thank you for serving our community. One card we received from a “concerned citizen” said this; “I’m horrified by what is happening to our officers across this nation. We got your back.” Two weeks ago I was having lunch, in uniform, with my wife at Pizza Hut. Our server told me that another patron paid for our lunch but didn’t want to be identified. A group of individuals who work outside of law enforcement, but within the criminal justice system have organized a law enforcement appreciation BBQ and two other groups have contacted me and asked about doing something similar so they can say thank you to our officers. There is a “blue ribbon” event that has been organized nationwide on Facebook for September 30th and a downtown restaurant contacted us to let us know that they would be serving lunch, at no cost, for all law enforcement officers that day. Numerous people have approached us at the grocery store, church, restaurants, or on the street to say thanks for doing what you do.

On behalf of the officers and staff of the Hamilton Police Department I want to say to our community….thanks for your support. Our officers are honored to serve this community and grateful for the trust that you place in us.

Our mission statement says this:

“The goal of the Hamilton Police Department is to improve the quality of life within our community. The men and women of this department are committed to providing professional police services to the City of Hamilton through a fair, impartial, and community oriented approach to law enforcement and public safety.”

This is a goal that we promote within the department and we all strive to meet every day.

I was born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley so I’ve had my lifetime of watching this community come together and be supportive of things that matter, despite our varied and differing opinions. When the Police Department has been faced with some tough challenges in the past, our community has always stepped forward to let us know that we are supported. Many law enforcement officers around this country would be envious of this community relationship. That is what makes this a great place to live, raise our families and serve.

So, thank you for your outpouring of support and kind words. We are honored!

Ryan Oster
Chief of Police
Hamilton Police Department